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2017 College Combine

Tuesday, January 17, 2017, 12:50PM




2017 Lovell Hockey College Combine


Lovell Hockey is proud to announce the 7th Annual Summer Combine will return to Pilgrim Arena in Hingham, MA this year. The age groups for the combine are U20, U17, U15 and U14. Our Combine is unrivaled by any other summer hockey options, because of the unique setup that we provide the players. While summer tournaments have been the common route taken by bantam and midget players in an effort to be recruited by college coaches, our combine showcases an alternate method. We place you ON THE ICE with those very same NCAA coaches that you hope will catch a glimpse of one of your shifts at a large tournament. Each day, we have a minimum of 3-4 different NCAA Division I and Division III coaches on the bench instructing, scouting, and building personal relationships with our combine players. In the past 5 years, we have had numerous college commitments take place on-site during our combine. Also, dozens of relationships between players and coaches were built that translated into recruitment visits and eventually commitments in the following season. The overall mission of our Summer Combine is to provide the players with direct exposure over the week, where college coaches can be on ice-level with the recruits while they are behind the bench during gameplay.



-Each team in the age group is comprised of (9 Forwards, 6 Defensemen, 2 Goaltenders)


-Each team will have NCAA Division I & Division III coaches behind the bench for every game they play.


-Each player will get 5 games(tue,wed,thur) and jerseys for the week and the cost is $425.



Dates:           June 27th-29th - U20 (1997,1998,1999)

                        June 27th-29th - U15 (2002,2003)

                        August 1st-3rd -  U17 (2000,2001)

                        August 1st-3rd -  U14 (2003,2004)


To Register Please Contact Rob Himberg at